Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety and Depression Association of America

ADAA promotes the early diagnosis, treatment, and cure of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Panic Attack Resource Site

This site provides information pertaining to a variety of treatments and resources on anxiety. The site also provides questionnaires, links to treatment resources, a message board, and lists helpful publications.

Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine

The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital has an online store providing CDs, DVDs, and books on relaxation techniques.

E- couch

The E- couch website provides information about emotional problems (including depression and anxiety disorders)—what causes them, how to prevent them, and how to treat them. It also provides a set of evidence- based online interventions designed to equip the user with strategies to improve mood and emotional state, along with a workbook to track progress and record experiences.

Freedom from Fear

The Freedom from Fear website provides information, screening tools, and other resources on many types of anxiety disorders.

Mental Health America

Visit Mental Health America’s site for information on mental health, getting help, and taking action.

National Council for Behavioral Health

To locate mental health and addictions treatment facilities in your community, use the “Find a Provider” feature on the National Council’s website.

National Institute for Mental Health

The website for the National Institute of Mental Health has a wealth of information on anxiety disorders.

Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation

The Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation website includes information about obsessive-compulsive disorder, including information about effective treatments, how to find a health professional who has experience treating the disorder, and links to other websites.


The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. Author: Edward Bourne.  2010

In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness. Author: Peter Levine. 2010

Living With Fear. Author: Isaac Marks. 2001

Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates and What You Can Do About It. Author: Gabor Maté. 1999

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma.
Author: Bessel Van Der Kolk. 2014

10 Simple Solutions to Panic: How to Overcome Panic Attacks, Calm Physical Symptoms, and Reclaim Your Life. Author: Martin Antony and Randi Mccabe. 2004

An End to Panic: Breakthrough Techniques for Overcoming Panic Disorders. Author: Elke Zuercher-White. 1998

Overcoming Animal & Insect Phobias: How to Conquer Fear of Dogs, Snakes, Rodents, Bees, Spiders & More. Authors: Martin Antony and Randi McCabe. 2005

Overcoming Medical Phobias: How to Conquer Fear of Blood, Needles, Doctors, and Dentists. Author: Martin Antony. 2006

10 Simple Solutions to Shyness: How to Overcome Shyness, Social Anxiety, and Fear of Public Speaking. Author: Martin Antony. 2004

The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven Step- by- Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fears. Authors: Martin Antony and Richard Swinson. 2008

Triumph Over Shyness: Conquering Shyness & Social Anxiety. Authors: Murray Stein and John Walker. 2002

Stop Obsessing: How to Overcome Your Obsessions and Compulsions. Authors: Edna Foa and Reid Wilson. 2001

Overcoming Compulsive Checking: Free Your Mind From OCD. Author: Paul Munford. 2004

Overcoming Compulsive Washing: Free Your Mind From OCD. Author: Paul Munford. 2004

Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding: Why You Save and How You Can Stop. Authors: Fugen Neviroglu and Jose Bubrick. 2004

Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD. Authors: Christine Purdon and David Clark. 2005


American Psychiatric Association Answer Center

1-888-35-PSYCH (1-888-357-7924)

Live operators, available from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Eastern time, refer you to local board- certified psychiatrists.

American Psychological Association Public Education Line


Follow the automated instructions and press the number 1. Then an operator refers you to local board- certified psychologists.


American Self- Help Group Clearinghouse
This searchable database contains more than 1,100 self- help and caregiver support groups, including many for anxiety disorders. Also listed are local self- help clearinghouses worldwide, research studies, information on starting face- to- face and online groups, and a registry for persons interested in starting national or international self- help groups.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
On the home page, click on “Find Support.”

Recovery International
On the home page, click on “Find A Meeting” to find the next Recovery International meeting in your area. Recovery International, a Chicago- based self- help mental health organization, sponsors weekly group peer- led meetings across the United States, as well as telephone and internet- based meetings.

Mental Health Association of Oklahoma

Connects people with information and resources related to mental health and provides programs and services.

Lottie House Drop-In Center: 1311 N Lottie Ave OKC, provides a friendly atmosphere for adults experiencing mental illness or homelessness. Connects individuals to peer support programs, trainings, classes, case management, resources and services.

Sunbridge Counseling: Provides counseling services for those who are uninsured or cannot pay their deductible. Individual and group counseling services available.

Call 405-943-3700 for all services


The Anxiety Coaches Podcast: Gina and the coaches are regular people who happen to have suffered from stress, anxiety and PTSD (and now coach others). We’ll bring you 2 new episodes each week to help you overcome stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD while living a healthy lifestyle.

Meditation Minis Podcast: Chel Hamilton hosts short, guided meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence, and more. The meditations presented in this series are from a wide variety of sources and do not subscribe to any particular religious ideology.

Anxiety Slayer: With over 4.5 million downloads and hundreds of podcasts, Anxiety Slayer is a podcast for anyone who is suffering from PTSD, panic attacks, stress, and anxiety.

The Anxiety Podcast: Hosted by Tim JP Collins, this is a show to support everyone suffering with anxiety, stress and panic attacks. Tim suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and has changed his life to recover and now supports others in doing the same.

The One You Feed Conversations about Creating a Life Worth Living: Named Open minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation.

The Overwhelmed Brain: Personal Growth for Critical Thinkers: Anxiety, depression, fears, obsession, panic, or any relationship, marriage or family issues, this show will help you achieve less stress and more happiness.

Positive Magazine Meditation and Inspiration: Offers relaxing 10 minute guided positive energy meditations. Our Positive Energy Meditations covers Anxiety, Healing, Depression, Sleep, Health and more.

Art of Happy Living™ Podcast: Focusing on the healing connection between mind, body and spirit, R. Murali Krishna, M.D., presents The Art of Happy Living series as stepping stones in the journey toward leading happier, healthier lives.

Other information and links on the top podcasts about anxiety:


Anxiety Reliever is an app that enables users to track anxiety symptoms and provides relaxation exercises. A limited version of the app is available for free and the full app can be bought.

Anxiety Coach is a self-help app that addresses fears and worries using CBT strategies. The app walks you through making a list of feared activities and helps you master them, leading to less fear and worry.

Pacifica is an app with anxiety and stress in mind. It provides a toolbox to deal with daily anxiety and stress, along with a highly supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis is an app suggested to help improve relaxation and reduce anxiety within just 1–3 weeks of use. The app’s developers say that hypnosis can decrease anxious thoughts and enhance your response to relaxation, which, in turn, resets your behavior and enables an improved response to stress.

Breathe2Relax is a portable stress management tool which provides detailed information on the effects of stress on the body as well as instructions and practice exercises to help users learn the stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing.

Panic Relief Free is targeted to help individuals with panic disorder access easy-to-use, empirically supported coping tools to better manage and move through panic attacks.

MindShift is an app targeted to help adolescents, teens, and young adults gain insight into and basic skills to manage symptoms of anxiety disorders, including GAD, social anxiety, specific phobias, and panic attacks. It’s also useful for managing worry, performance anxiety, test anxiety, and perfectionism.

PE Coach 2 is designed to be used during therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with a health professional who is trained in Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy. The app will guide you through the exercises assigned by your therapist and allows you to track and record your progress.

PTSD Coach was designed for those who have, or may have, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This app provides educational information about PTSD, professional care information, a self-assessment for PTSD, opportunities to find support, and tools that can help manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD.

SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management) is a friendly app that offers a range of self- help methods for people who are serious about learning to manage their anxiety.

Worry Watch – Anxiety Journal: For individuals with chronic worry, anticipatory anxiety, and GAD, this app provides simple self-monitoring and documenting of worry within a pre-fixed menu, as well as a graphical tool that charts the worry entries by various factors.

Disclaimer: OCCHD Wellness Now does not endorse any of the books, podcasts or Apps listed in this document. They have been reported to be helpful by members or the patients that they serve. Some of them may contain explicit language or content. Please see additional information about the Podcasts and Apps by following the hyperlink provided or by visiting iTunes. They are intended to be supplemental resources and are not meant to replace professional medical or behavioral health advice or services.